Helping you to navigate the economic complexity
of our times.

We believe that data and data science can help people and institutions to better understand and manage the complex business, social, and economic problems of the globalised world.

Where Data Makes Sense

Our world is complex and chaotic 

The ‘Datenwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft’ (eng: Data Science Corporation; short: DWG) aims to reveal the complex interactions that shape today’s economy. We believe that data and data science can help people and institutions to better understand and manage the complex business, social and economic problems of the globalised world. Therefore, we gather and analyse data from various sources to create a digital representation of the multiple layers of human behaviour and their interactions in urban ecosystems, which are the hotbeds of economic and social activity in the 21st century.


The DWG collects data covering local labour markets, human capital distribution, start-up activity, real estate markets, demographics, customer preferences, and technology adoption in urban ecosystems. The individual data layers are combined to provide a unique 360° perspective on these locations, forming the foundation for analysing and modelling urban economies as complex systems.

The CoRisk Index

The global spread of Covid-19 has caused major economic disruptions. Governments around the world provide considerable financial support to mitigate the economic downturn. We introduce the CoRisk-Index. It is the first economic indicator of industry-specific risk assessments related to Covid-19.

Vienna Real Estate

We collect data about local housing prices, labour market trends, demographics, touristic activity, and customer preferences to model and statistically identify the correlations and time-lags between these factors in Austria to understand changing real estate markets in times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Digital Economy Dashboard

We model and visualise the digital development status of countries in Western Balkans. With the combination of data from various online sources about e-governance, the platform economy, and cybersecurity, we deliver the basis for targeted policy interventions by the UN and showcase best practice regions.

You need to connect the dots – This is what the DWG does.

On their journey, the public sector, foundations, research institutes, and private businesses want to leverage data and data products to elevate their impact. We are committed to supporting them.

A Social Data Science Firm

Our team combines expertise in economics, data science, computer science, statistics, and big data processing. We are all driven by an entrepreneurial mindset focusing on fulfilling the DWG’s mission to make data science a widely applicable method for better decision making.

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